Full Stack Python Development program

Providing a thoughtfully designed curriculum that accommodates diverse students and equips them with the essential Python development skills required to become proficient full-stack Python developers.

What is a Full stack Development Program?

The Full Stack Developer Program is inclusive of in-depth modules on static and dynamic web applications, with emphasis on the development of well-designed integrated software. The program covers key concepts on full-stack web development, including Responsive Web Design, Rapid Prototyping and Product Deployments.

Who is it for?

Career Shifters

Individuals with no IT background wanting to learn how to code to pursue a career in Tech as a Software Engineer.

Fresh Graduates

Individuals who are in need of a boost by aiming to polish up their skills before they jump start their career in Tech.

IT Graduates

Individuals who aim to go back to their roots and are in need of a refresher.

IT Professionals

Individuals wanting to go full on and fine-tune their web development skills to stay competitive at what they do.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum has been improved through more than 50 batches to equip different types of students with the necessary full stack development skills to become a full stack developer in 3+ months

Programming Essentials

Git, GitLab, Bash, Google Colab, Pycharm IDE

Equip yourself with the necessary tools in order to jumpstart your career as a full-stack web developer.

Front-end Development

HTML 5, CSS 3, Google Chrome, Chrome Developer Tools, Bootstrap, Wireframes and Mockups

Understand what goes into building web pages by learning modern practices in HTML and CSS. Develop websites not only for desktops but also for devices like tablets and mobile phones by learning about responsive web design. Work your way up from conceptualization to execution as you build your own web pages.

Back-end Development

Django, PostgreSql, PIP, REST Architecture, JWT, Postman, Heroku

Learn how servers work by learning Django programming and developing applications that would connect to databases and manage data.

Full-stack Development

Python full stack (React, Django, PostgreSql, Python 3)

Complete your skill-set by combining your back-end know-how with an understanding of client and server interaction. Integrate your server into a reactive single page application, in an end-to-end experience of how modern web applications are built.

Portfolio Projects

3 applications

Showcase your web development skills and expertise in web design by developing a portfolio with three functional projects. Your portfolio with the projects will allow you to prove your capabilities to your future employers.

Let AARK Academy help you get the job you want after you graduate

The Career Support services are included in your premium program and provide direct support to help you apply to tech jobs.
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